by JPJ

Company. It’s the neighbour’s cat. It’s been wandering the grounds for several months, now. It’s been used to come at night, or in the evenings, when I’ve stopped working. It then crosses the courtyard and if I see it I usually go out and sit down on the doorsteps. It’s partly a wild cat, but still you barely get to sit down before it’s in your lap and aggressively demands to be cuddled. It rubs the side of its head, with its teeths bare, hard against my knee. I think it’s trying to prepare me for the fact that it’s moving in. It’s tried to sneak into the house a couple of times… And now it’s started to come here, in the daytime, to the workshop. It doesn’t do much work; it’s more into lying on the radiator, supervising me work… But I like the company. She’s a good cat…