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Month: December, 2011

2012 (Where grey is good.)

No matter how small the steps. No matter how frightening the quagmire. Curiosity will take us there…


It’s square. It’s plain black, abscence of light. Nothing more… And it makes you think, doesn’t it?

(Right half of Andy Warhol’s Five Deaths Seventeen Times in Black and White.)

Tipp. Tapp.

He ain’t out of the picture yet… Santa snuck in. And brought two words… So it’s time to turn off the gas, to change the welding mask for another kind of mask. Time to herd up the deers. Time to leave the junk and the deep-seated rust to their own. It looks like a fairy-tale Christmas card outside… I have a feeling that Santa is close…

Laquer work. On Kids.


Clean Slate XII-XIII




Working Title: No Title


(In a Joycean Way.)

Ça plane pour moi. The fact that public radio is playing Plastic Bertrand makes me miss Leila K. Which in turn makes me miss Ibiza. And the Bull and Bush station. Hampstead. Henry Moore. Hemingway. And Moore recalling his wartime: “the war passed in a romantic haze of trying to be a hero.” Which, in turn, makes me think of Rise Against’s Hero of War. Until Laleh breaks the train of thought. Just nu…

(Henry Moore, Working Model for Reclining Figure [Internal and External Forms], 1951)

27 June. 1962.

I have a thing for oil barrels. For oil barrels, as well. Especially the rusty ones. The deep-seated rust. The glossy colouring that goes with the matt rust. The slightly bulky shape.

Clean Slate XI

The limit, as for how long you can work on a sculpture, is material – in this case it’ll be the condition of the base that decides. If the steel plate never came to a point where the marks and the stains were beyond covering up – sculpture would be a Sisyphean labour…


(In a Joycean way.)

Thinking of the Spanish Civil War, Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises, Barcelona, Goya, dementors, The Garden of Eden. And the embroideries of Greta Sandberg…

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